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Protocols and Procedures: Ensuring that your algo FX trading services are deployed in a safe and compliant manner
Electronic trading has increased to around two thirds of global spot FX transaction volumes (BIS survey, 2016; spot is the most mature electronic FX market) and this proportion will be...

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Impact of regulatory and Global Code consultations on FX algo trading in focus at ACI UK debate

The FX algo market may be facing an unprecedented level of change with a number of proposed regulatory and governance changes on the agenda, including the launch of ESMA’s consultation into the impact of MiFID II/MiFIR regarding algorithmic trading and the creation of an algo trading working group by the GFXC as part of the ongoing FX Global Code review. ACI UK, the Financial Markets Association, recently brought together a panel of front line market experts to discuss the potential impact of the proposed changes.



Paul Matherne, Head of FX EMEA talks about “tech-celeration”

Paul Matherne, Head of FX EMEA, BNY Mellon talks about the “tech-celeration” that has occurred in the FX industry and evidence of this trend in the increasing willingness of buy-side firms to use algos.



Algorithmic FX Trading Handbook 2021

An essential guide to FX algo trading and some of the key products available.

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