Jason Vitale

BNY Mellon adds to Custody FX offering with FX algos capabilities

November 2021 in Top Stories

BNY Mellon is expanding its Custody FX offering, adding new trading capabilities and pivoting from a primarily custody-focused service model into a transparent open architecture that can be leveraged by a variety of client types for their rules-based, end-to-end transaction needs. BNY Mellon’s suite of new enhancements delivers more autonomy for users to transact in the manner in which they wish. Among the new capabilities, FX trading program clients can now achieve improved Large Order Execution via access to algorithmic execution methods for orders over a certain size. “These enhancements are the result of listening to our clients who told us loud and clear that they want to be more empowered to customize their FX trading program parameters, trade in larger sizes, enjoy consistent pricing and attain full visibility into how their instructions are being carried out,” says Jason Vitale, Global Head of FX at BNY Mellon. “These improvements place clients firmly in control.”