August 2023

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Andrew Davie, Head of Market Execution at Shell, discusses algorithmic FX trading

Andrew, you are a hugely experienced treasury trading practitioner. Please tell us a little about what your job at Shell typically involves. My team is responsible for the execution of all financial market instruments on behalf of central treasury, which includes FX spot, forwards and swaps. As a business we still deal in largely USD […]

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Exploiting the power of a new generation of more dynamic, customisable FX algos

One of the biggest issues with FX algorithms since their inception is how to view accurate traded volume data, particularly considering the lack of order book depth data that has been available to date, says Asif Razaq, Global Head of FX Automated Client Execution at BNP Paribas. He adds that in a bid to solve […]

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Standing out from the crowd: Why liquidity expertise is key in FX algo trading

What impact can the time of day have on FX liquidity and how much relevance does this have for algorithmic trading? Time of day can have a significant impact of the performance of execution algorithms, the FX market is OTC and for the majority of algorithmically tradable currency pairs the market is open 24/5 so […]

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Build versus Buy: Exploring the relative merits for FX algo trading frameworks

The market penetration of electronic trading has increased to an extent that means most capital market participants now require at least some electronic trading capability. The trend is likely to continue, and the level of sophistication and automation needed is also likely to increase.

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UBS continues to evolve FX algo analytics suite with launch of real-time analytics tool

UBS has focused on developing algo analytics and has been at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge innovations to its FX algo clients.

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Westpac provides insights about the key factors that create an exceptional FX algo

Westpac have an established calibre in FX, built on the combined experience of running a successful, fully electronic FX trading business within a 200+ year old client franchise. Matt Fitzpatrick, Head of…

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FMSB publishes a SoGP transparency draft on electronic trading algorithms

The Financial Markets Standards Board (FMSB) has published a transparency draft Statement of Good Practice (SoGP) looking at the application of a model risk management framework to algorithms.

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