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Competition for Canada’s algo clients heats up

Canada has a tight-knit financial community, a strong focus on best execution and a degree of sophistication not often found in other markets. These factors taken together mean that algo usage is gradually coming on stream. Meanwhile, the competition among providers is fierce.

Building buyside confidence in FX algorithms

In the fragmented, fast-moving world of foreign exchange, there are plenty of arguments to be made as to how algorithms can give the buy-side a helping hand in sourcing liquidity, reducing signalling risk and keeping market impact to a minimum. Yet to date, the bulk of the real money has been following a more traditional approach when it comes to execution.

Managing aggressive High-Frequency Trading (HFT) in Currencies

The prevalence of aggressive high-frequency trading activity can be measured and our latest research shows striking differences by asset class. Understanding the proportion of aggressive high-frequency traders in the markets at any given time helps traders dramatically improve their trading performance.

Pick and Mix – choosing the best algorithms to fit your FX execution strategy

We explore in what ways factors that drive a firms execution requirements will influence the most appropriate FX algorithms for them to use and how buy-side clients are increasingly looking to pick and choose algorithms according to what they wish to achieve in any given point in time.

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FX algo and TCA discussions at the recent TradeTech FX event in London

In September, TradeTech FX London returned with a new hybrid flagship conference format, with speakers and delegates convening in person at the Hurlingham Club in London, joined by further speakers and delegates online. FX algos were once a key focus  across the two days, with dedicated roundtables, an in-person interview and a virtual All-Star panel among the leading FX algo and TCA discussions.

Podcasts & Webinars

Algo Types: Accessing Spot Contingent Forwards
and NDF Algos

Thursday April 14th 2022 @ 8am. Eastern time

Understanding how the LPs deal with Spot contingent Forwards where clients can set a forward date on order entry and the Algo would automatically roll forward after it has executed. Popularity of NDF currencies with respect to deliverable currencies for Algos. Electronification of the NDF inter-bank market and improved liquidity.


Algorithmic FX Trading Handbook 2021

An essential guide to FX algo trading and some of the key products available.

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