MFX Vector The advanced algorithmic trading system with a difference

MFX Vector is an advanced, fully transparent algorithmic trading system backed by a sophisticated market making engine . We ask its provider MahiFX to take us under the hood to find out more about its key features and functionality.


What is MFX Vector designed to do and what functional components does it provide?

MFX Vector is designed to give you total control over your execution. It’s a revolutionary trading system developed from many years of market-making experience that can be fully customised.

MFX Vector allows you to earn spread as well as handle sweeps and market volatility efficiently.

You can control the levels of aggression, amount executed, and specified urgency giving you complete control over execution.

In what ways does your technology help to make MFX Vector so powerful?

MFX Vector allows you to leverage the same core technology that market makers use to formulate their price and execute trades. This means that every single trade is executed against direct market access (DMA) liquidity, interdealer broker ECNs, or customer ECNs, maximising spread earned while minimising impact in the market. Our technology gives the user the flexibility to control every aspect of your execution and match this with the right liquidity for the right currency pair. Full TCA is also available, offering powerful, real-time analysis throughout the execution.

Our technology is incredibly adaptive too; a feature that is paramount in today’s highly volatile markets. We use signals to identify the strong and weak side of the price, which is then employed as a guide for optimal speed and mode of execution to improve your returns.

Our models also use reinforcement learning to allocate weights to various parameter combinations, and then continuously measures the models to capture changes in market state. This information is utilised to control the mode of execution, whether passive or aggressive, and controls the speed of execution within those modes.


MFX Vector is designed to give you total control over your execution

What types of firms can really benefit from deploying MFX Vector?

Typical users of MFXVector are Buy-Side clients, including large pension funds and hedge funds, as well as trading desks within Banks. Banks also whitelabel the solution for their end clients.

How much control over trade execution does MFX Vector allow?

MFX Vector allows you to have complete control over your execution, down to the finest detail.

The dashboard is also fully customisable, providing you with fast access to the information most important to you. You can save common order entry flows, receive real-time alerts, and so much more. The system also offers three automated algos and a hybrid algo, allowing you to earn spread and minimise market impact with a selection of intelligent strategies as well as the ability to access liquidity on the various ECNs.


The MFX Vector dashboard is fully customisable

What sort of execution analytics are possible with MFX Vector?

Our platform offers full TCA, which provides powerful real-time analysis throughout the course of the execution. Benefits include top of book analysis, yield analysis, fill ratios, and full insight into orders placed, as well as sweep identification to help you visualise changing liquidity and understand market behaviour.

How would you summarise the key benefits of MFX Vector?

MFX Vector offers a range of benefits that allow you to take control of your execution:

  • Increase revenue – use passive strategies to earn more yield by increasing the time to fill.
  • Flexibility – take complete control of your execution by specifying the level of aggression, amount, urgency, and time limit.
  • Reduce market impact – use aggressive strategies to quickly execute large orders discreetly.
  • Total transparency – When used alongside MFX Echo, you’ll have all the information you need to devise successful, high yielding trading strategies.
  • Efficient handling – Post proximate to top of book while handling sweeps and market volatility efficiently.
  • Immediate impact – Reduce your time to market with our cutting edge technology.
  • Flexibility – access via the GUI or integrate with providers such as FXConnect and BBG,


MFX Vector uses signals to identify the strong and weak side of the price, which is
then employed as a guide for optimal speed and mode of execution

Is MFX Vector available for firms to White Label themselves and if so how quickly can that be set up?

Absolutely. Our straightforward integration process means we can get you set up within a matter of months, so you can begin offering a superior Algo solution to your own clients quickly.

How can I get further information about MFX Vector?

Visit the MahiFX website for further product information, or contact the team at or +44 (0)203 397 1825 for an eFX business consultation.

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