Regional Spotlights

Algorithmic FX trading in Australia
– A market ripe for growth

The use of algorithmic trading is in its relative infancy in Australia, especially when it comes to FX. Australia-based financial research firm Peter Lee Associates
has only been…..

The Nordics: A fertile algo FX trading ground

Adoption of FX algos in the Nordic region has been slower than anticipated, but that could change as regional banks develop algo offerings and the buy side seeks new technology in pursuit of best execution. Joel Clark reports

Continental Drift: FX algo trading spreads across Europe with France and Germany leading the way

Nicholas Pratt looks at the use of FX algos across Europe to see where adoption has increased and what future tools are being developed.

Standard Bank – spearheading regional growth in algo FX trading across South Africa and beyond

FXAlgoNews spoke with Mpumi Makhubu, Lead, Digital Trading Solutions, Global Markets for Standard Bank to learn more about how algorithmic FX trading in South Africa is developing and what prospects there are for wider adoption of this style of FX execution across the wider continent in the years ahead.

Algo’s in Australia: Helping the buy-side community to take more control of their FX trading activities

Australia has always punched above its weight in the global FX market. According to the last triennial survey from the Bank of International Settlements in 2019…

Canada – A country poised to reap the benefits of algorithmic FX trading

Although the Canadian foreign exchange (FX) market is regional it’s maturity and the technical expertise of its participants with respect to their use of trading technology and FX e-commerce solutions is more developed than many other regions around the world. It’s therefore not surprising that demand for a new generation of trading and analytical toolsets to help achieve better execution outcomes among buy side institutions across the country is growing fast. Interest in FX algorithmic execution, in particular is one especially important aspect of these developments which we have set out to explore further in this article.