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Ollie Jerome
BestX Ltd
20 Churchill Place
E14 5HJ

Company Overview
FX Products and services:
BestX® is a Technology Company, with a simple fee based model, creating state of the art software to provide real-time, interactive analytics. We provide our clients with a level playing field to enable them to assess and compare the quality of their FX, Fixed Income and Equities transactions. BestX provides a totally open-architecture analytics service operating autonomously from any liquidity provider or execution venue
Bank clients
Broker clients
Corporate clients
Fund investment clients
Global Footprint:
Global client base, comprising Assets Under Management in excess of USD 19trn
TCA / Analytics Offered
Pre trade analytics
Post trade transaction performance
Real time TCA
Customised reports
Other associated services:
Formal advisory or consultancy services are not provided, however, all clients are provided with the required training to interpret the results from the analytics to make informed decisions
Service Offering
Global support
Multi-asset platforms
Other associated services:
BestX provides coherent best execution analytics for FX, Fixed Income, Equities and Commodities. Support for compliance is provided via automated trade outlier detection and associated workflow, allowing clients to implement bespoke surveillance policies
FX Algo Trading Support
Other associated services:
BestX does not offer execution products such as algos, it simply provides analytics software to allow clients to analyse execution performance and codify their best execution policies
Trading Technology Solutions
Connectivity solutions
Workflow solutions
Other associated services:
BestX is connected to a myriad of EMS/OMS platofrms, and liquidity providers, in order to provide clients with a seamless, aggregated and enriched view of their trade data sets. BestX also provides workflow solutions around the governance and management of outlier trade detection, explanation and sign-off