Cürex Group

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Franz Schmidpeter, Senior MD and Global Head of Sales
Curex Group
120 West 45th Street,
26th Floor
New York,
NY 10036

Company Overview
FX Products and services:
Cürex Group is a foreign exchange focused execution services and data analytics provider. Our singular focus is to improve the FX experience for every buy side institution. We operate an FX ECN with robust no last look liquidity and complete transparency. Our streaming liquidity can be accessed by customers directly or through bank sponsored FX trading algorithms. Our unique trading and market analytics - pre-trade, posttrade and in-flight - delivers meaningful and actionable intelligence to our customers.
Corporate clients
Fund investment clients
Global Footprint:
With offices in New York and London, Cürex offers 24/5 spot FX trade execution, trade analytics and support in over 180 deliverable currency pairs. Sales number is +1-212- 488-4959.
TCA / Analytics Offered
Pre trade analytics
Post trade transaction performance
Real time TCA
Customised reports
Execution consultation services
Other associated services:
Cipher is a real time, pre- and post-trade analytics solution delivering streaming market information that also allows users to track algorithmic executions as they are occurring. Cipher independently gathers market data delivering unbiased analytics with complete anonymity.
Service Offering
Liquidity aggregation
Global support
Risk management
Compliance surveillance
Other associated services:
The fully executable, no last-look prices on the Cürex ECN are gathered from more than fifteen of the largest global FX market makers. The ECN operates on a 24/5 basis when global spot FX markets are open. Cürex’s analytics tools offer trading and compliance teams proof of best execution outcomes in an anonymous, streaming and multi-contributor execution environment.
FX Algo Trading Support
Proprietary algos offered
Access to third-party algos
Strategy back-testing
Other associated services:
The no-last look, streaming liquidity on the Cürex ECN can be accessed through trading algorithms and via direct market access. Cipher, our comprehensive analytics platform, enables customers to measure and validate trading performance. Customers can request that their algo trades execute exclusively on the Cürex ECN and also have access to our pegged
order type functionality.
Trading Technology Solutions
Connectivity solutions
Market data solutions
White label solutions
Other associated services:
Cürex gathers its executable, no last-look liquidity and market data from more than fifteen of the largest global FX market makers. Historical and live, streaming market data is available for purchase. The Cürex ECN can be accessed through multiple EMS platforms, bank trading
algorithms and via direct market access.