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Vivek Sarohia - Global Head of Alternative Execution Services
8 Canada Square, London E14 5HQ
Algorithms Offered & Their Execution Styles
Names of key fx algo strategies:
Implemention Shortfall:
Liquidity Seeking:
Percentage of Volume (PoV:
Get Done & Liquidity Plus (Multi Strategy):

HSBC offers adaptive strategies with straightforward objectives to cater to all their client execution requirements.
Also available:
Customisation available
NDF algos
Supported currency pairs:
Direct pairs and all crosses of: G10, ILS, TRY, CZK, PLN, HUF, MXN, RUB, RON, HKD, SGD USD versus the following NDF currencies: KRW, INR, IDR, TWD and PHP
Features & Functionality
Use of adaptive execution technology
Use of smart order routing SOR logic
Inflight execution modification possible
Algo flow permitted to cross with other clients algo flow
Simultaneous management of multiple strategies
Algo safety controls offered
Other associated services:
The FX Algorithms suite leverages on the vast HSBC foreign exchange liquidity network, by combining both our quantitative research on external liquidity as well as optimizing our internal liquidity. The sophistication embedded within the Smart Order Router and the extensive work on the curation of liquidity offers our clients a great way to execute their transactions, across a variety of market conditions. The seamless execution process is key to ensuring the client has all the information available to understand the market landscape and this will be further enhanced by the new upcoming developments in both the Algo ticket and the analytics.
TCA / Analytics Offered
Pre trade analytics
Post trade transaction performance
Breakdown of child executions
Independent third party TCA
Other associated services:
The HSBC Analytics suite offers clients an extension to their trading capabilities. With a comprehensive offering for both pre-trade and post-trade analysis, the new real time feature is being developed to enhance the execution journey. The pre-trade analysis offers the clients an indepth understanding of the FX market landscape, followed by a transparent post execution analysis, and additional portfolio analysis on demand.
Distribution Channels Available
Proprietary platform
Direct FIX/API
Via third party platforms
Liquidity Access
Access to external sources
Access to internal sources
Liquidity source customisation available
Service Offering
Segregated execution
247 technical support
Quantitative research
Trade execution consultancy
Facilitation of buy-side reporting
Benchmarks and investment product support
Other associated services:
The Alternative Execution Services (AES) team are available 24/5 to provide clients coverage on FX Algos and Benchmarks orders. AES is segregated from our FX sales and trading teams to ensure that confidentiality is always maintained.The Algo offering is available through many different avenues including HSBC Evolve and many other Multi-Dealer Platforms too, to support all our client requirements.