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David Mechner, CEO and Co-Founder
Pragma Trading
1370 Broadway,
10th Floor,
New York,
NY 10018-7302

Company Overview
FX Products and services:
Pragma is an independent trading technology provider that specializes in algorithmic solutions. The Pragma360 FX platform is a fully hosted, managed solution that allows banks, brokers, funds and quantitative trading institutions to have their own, private label algo suite that is fully integrated with each bank’s or fund’s unique access to liquidity. For banks, Pragma allows the benefits of an in-house build, complete with all the necessary tools to service an institutional or corporate client.
Bank clients
Broker clients
Fund investment clients
Global Footprint:
From its headquarters in New York, USA, Pragma services its clients in all global regions. This is achieved through its connectivity to the latest physical and cloud-based market infrastructure and 24/7 customer support team.
TCA / Analytics Offered
Post trade transaction performance
Real time TCA
Customised reports
Execution consultation services
Other associated services:
Pragma’s TCA platform, TradeReports, enables clients to run custom reports across time frame, currency pairs, trader, time of day and many other factors to ensure a client can zero in on the specific orders they want to analyse. It also provides venue analysis so clients can see fill rates by venue and by algorithm, currency pair or trader.
Service Offering
Liquidity aggregation
Global support
Multi-asset platforms
Risk management
Compliance surveillance
Other associated services:
Pragma360’s Algorithmic Management System (AMS), Panorama, allows users to monitor where orders are routed, when they are filled or cancelled and make modifications to their strategy in realtime This means users stay in complete control of their orders at all times, allowing them to control and manage risk and react to extreme changes in market conditions when required.
FX Algo Trading Support
Proprietary algos offered
Smart order routing
Trading model design
Strategy back-testing
Other associated services:
Pragma offers unprecedented levels of flexibility and control to ensure its algorithms can be adapted and tailored seamlessly to each client. Our ‘grey labelling’ model allows clients to customise and develop proprietary solutions under their own brand and make adjustments to orders, the venues to trade, average quote sizes, risk conditions and whether they wish to make or take liquidity and more.
Trading Technology Solutions
Other associated services:
As a hosted and managed solution, Pragma has clients live on its platform within months with a unique algo suite, a real-time monitoring tool, transaction cost analysis (TCA) portal and risk
controls. This compares to the 2-3 years it can take to develop a comparable service in-house. Pragma360 is also fully compatible with multiple third-party order and risk management systems.