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Jim Wyatt Co-Founder
33 Queen St Pl
London EC4R 1AP

Company Overview
FX Products and services:
Raidne is a foreign exchange focussed independent quantitative surveillance firm. Our aim is to bring the knowledge of advanced analytics that has been created by mathematicians who have worked in the most advanced investment banks, and use this knowledge to the benefit of the buy-side and of asset owners. We have created Siren - an alternative FX benchmark approved and regulated under the FCA benchmark regime (published by benchmark administrator New Change FX). We offer independent quantitative TCA & surveillance analytics to the buy-side and the sell-side. Raidne is available to provide expert witness services in relation to FX related legal disputes.
Bank clients
Corporate clients
Fund investment clients
Global Footprint:
Based in UK, able to offer services globally. Distribution via the world’s major investment banks Siren is available across the globe, simply ask your current bank to trade the Siren FX benchmark.
TCA / Analytics Offered
Pre trade analytics
Post trade transaction performance
Customised reports
Execution consultation services
Other associated services:
Raidne QuantTCA is a sophisticated analytic engine based on independent market data that can be tuned to your specific requirements. Using our proprietary concept of “Pure Decay” we can accurately measure market impact and information leakage. We provide metrics for spread analysis and implementation shortfall in order to rank Liquidity Providers.
Service Offering
Other associated services:
Raidne offers bespoke FX surveillance services and is able to offer expert witness testimony and advanced analytics to assist in FX related litigation cases. Raidne Surveillance has advanced analytics to monitor potential manipulation in FX including last look, benchmark manipulation, front running, ramping and spoofing. We monitor for compliance with the FX Global Code.
FX Algo Trading Support
Proprietary algos offered
Other associated services:
Siren is the new FCA regulated benchmark for FX. It calculates and is published every 30 minutes. It can be used as an alternative to the 4pm FX fixing benchmark in order to achieve best execution. Siren is designed to reduce excess market impact over the fixing
window leading to better average prices. Raidne can run a free study on your historical fixing trades to determine how much you could save by moving from your existing fix to the Siren benchmark. All the studies performed so far suggest clients could have reduced transaction costs and achieve more favourable fills on average by moving to Siren.
Trading Technology Solutions
Market data solutions
Other associated services:
Raidne in conjunction with New Change FX offers streaming live rates of the Siren benchmark as it is constructed. This delivers increased transparency and reduced tracking error for this benchmark.