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Patrick Guevel, Head of FX Algo Execution
4 Boulevard Franck Kupka - 92800 PUTEAUX, France
Algorithms Offered & Their Execution Styles
Names of key fx algo strategies:
Falcon: Aggressive
TWAP+: Interval-based
Nightjar: Passive

ANONYMITY - Your algorithmic orders flow through a segregated process
REDUCED FOOTPRINT - We apply logical decision-making to reduce signalling in the market and we utilise a variety of liquidity sources to protect the confidentiality of your order. You can select a strategy according to your time constraint and footprint sensitivity
ESTABLISHED ALGORITHMS - We use the same algorithms in the execution and hedging of our own market making books, and are continually refining them
TRANSPARENCY - In the post trade process, you will benefit from a detailed Transaction Performance Analysis for total transparency
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Features & Functionality
Other associated services:
Algorithmic Execution strategies such as Nightjar, aim at minimizing market impact and transaction costs through the use of high speed technology.
Algorithms are implemented for a wide range of clients, from Financial Institutions to Corporates, and can offer a wide range of execution styles based on the market conditions and client requirements.
Societe Generale has developed its own FX algorithmic execution tool, allowing you to trade directly in the market in a controlled and anonymous way.
TCA / Analytics Offered
Post trade transaction performance
Independent third party TCA
Service Offering
Other associated services:
Our clients have the ability to execute their order and interact with their algo during the execution.
We provide a comprehensive set of security rules to ensure maximum customer protection.
Our team endeavours to keep the algo working properly and prevents incidents occurring on the market through the entire security chain.
In order to monitor operational excellence, SG has policies and procedures in place that require independent teams such as Internal Audit and Compliance to check quality of workflows and that internal procedures are being respected.