Dr Atlas Wang

XTX Markets aims to redefine algo trading with launch of XTY Labs

February 2024 in Top Stories

XTX Markets has launched XTY Labs, a new machine learning division which will be run by its research director, Dr. Atlas Wang who brings a wealth of experience and extensive expertise in machine learning, optimization and AI technologies to the role. The firm says the programme is designed to provide elite researchers with the freedom, guidance and resources to create cutting-edge machine learning solutions tailored for the complexities of finance. “It’s an honour to lead such a unique division where the brightest minds in AI and finance will converge to redefine the future of algorithmic trading,” says Wang. “Our mission is to rapidly turn the latest AI breakthroughs into tangible market advantages, and I eagerly anticipate the revolutionary solutions that will emerge from this truly unique endeavour. With a world-class team, unparalleled resources, and a culture that fosters pioneering research, the XTY Labs is poised to become the crucible of next-generation financial technologies,” he adds.